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MiYomana Shel Gananet, Warsaw, 1928 - Only Edition - From the Earliest Books about Instilling National Values and Pedagogy in the Jewish Kindergarten

MiYomana Shel Gananet by Y. Zaltzman - exemplary principal of the kindergarten in the 'Tarbut' seminary in Warsaw, published by "L'Maan HaYeled," Warsaw, 1928.

The book is written in a pioneering mood in the field of new Jewish education, from the author's introduction: 'It's been seven years now, since we, the Jewish kindergarten teachers in Poland, announced individual education and we created the free Jewish kindergarten, the National Educational Institute, which desires to create and enhance the conditions and environment which will allow the Jewish child to develop the characteristics of his soul ... This National Educational Institute requires that the kindergarten teacher have not only great experience, but also constant creativity. It is up to the kindergarten teacher not only to build the building, but also to create the materials for this building, to create ex nihilo. We have not yet found the correct path, we are casting about in the dark and searching for ways ..."

The book itself also carries a mood of creating 'ex nihilo.' Between the pages of the 'journal,' Zaltzman describes the educational approach in the Jewish kindergarten in its first years - the various activities, special times in a child's life 'the first day in kindergarten,' subjects learned ['reading and writing in the natural kindergarten,' 'the Hebrew language in the natural kindergarten,' 'the kindergarten and the parents' home'] and the attempts to instill national values for the first time. The book contains practical everyday recommendations from the author's experience working with children ['Be careful with your promises to children - and if you have promised, keep that promise. Once I was in an elated mood, and I promised the children we would go fishing, and I had to keep my promise. The entire week, the children did not stop asking me about the fish'] and more.

266 [6] pages. 21 cm. Stains and blemishes on the binding. Stains. Fine condition.