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Lot 328

Printed Yerushalmi Amulet - Kabbalistic Illustrations. Beginning of the 20th Century

Printed Yerushalmi amulet with many pictures. Protection from plague, fire, injury, evil eye, evil decree, witchcraft and every evil matter. Cure for illness of the nerves, weakness of the body and limbs, children's illness and all forms of pain and suffering. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

Printed page with many G-dly name combinations, angels' names, kabbalistic pictures, pictures of holy sites, incantations and segulahs.

Kameya V'Shemira L'Sereifah U'L'Yoledet appears in the National Library, similar in its diagrams and pictures to the amulet before us, but with different writing.

Size: 33x24 cm. Tears in the margins. Moderate-fine condition.