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Three Kibbutz Haggadahs - 1940s and 50s

* Non-traditional haggadah published by the holiday committee of the National Kibbutz - HaShomer HaTzair, stencil print with impressive illustrations by Shraga Weil, HaShomer HaTzair Press, 1955. Aside original texts about spring, passages relating to the generation of the revival which arose among the Holocaust survivors, vs. the generation of the destruction: 'We, too, went out of the house of slavery, the killing valley, and we built an infallible house for the remote of Israel on their land ... for this we gather on this night ... to tell of the redemption of Israel and the liberation of every person from the hand of his oppressors ...' There are two Yizkor texts which relate to those killed in the Holocaust, one deals with 'Remember what Amalek did to you' - the Nazi enemy, and the second refers to the fallen from the ghetto uprisings and the war for the Land, a special passage on peace in the State of Israel: 'Establish peace upon the remainder of the house of Israel and on the State of Israel and the stranger in it ... and for the instigators, quarrelers and warmongers let there be no hope, and may all evildoers perish ...' and more. [18] leaves. Stains. Slight tears in the margins of the jacket. Moderate-fine condition.

* Non-traditional haggadah published by the culture committee of the United Kibbutz written and drawn by Gidon Keich. Undated. Many original texts. Interesting passage: 'I dreamed a dream, I awoke with a scream' about a third of the Jewish people who were killed in the Holocaust 'Very terrifying ... my people of whom I dreamed are no longer ... youth, elders ... also women and children why and for what are they no longer, no longer, my people is no more!' Passage relating to the survivors: 'You are remnants of the bayonet and refugees of starvation! Place before your eyes just one, one: salvation, refuge. because not for our belief are we slaughtered, the Jewish people, not for our wickedness are we killed, not for our righteousness are we stabbed, not for the sanctification of Hash-m's name are we burned. All are after us only because we are hated ... we will prepare a country for our children's children. Not a country for today, which we have already lost, but for tomorrow, for the coming generations.' There is also a passage about the immigrants from Yemen, a passage called 'Distress of the Harsh Days' which refers to the pogroms of the Arab enemy in the Land of Israel and more. [20] leaves. Fine condition.

* Non-traditional haggadah, no indication of location or year. Apparently from the beginning of the 1950s, copy of typewritten print. Aside original songs of spring, there is a passage which refers to the builders of the kibbutz: 'We too left the house of slavery and the killing valley and we built an infallible home for the remote of Israel on their land ...' Poetry passages by Yehudah HaLevi appear, as well as by poets Natan Alterman, C. N. Bialik, the fourth cup is dedicated 'to all the work of our hands, the fruit of the land and the produce of man, to a day of labor and cooperative life, to life and blessing! and more. [23] leaves. Book jacket. Stains on the binding and some of the leaves of the haggadah. Moderate-fine condition.