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Lot 141

Photograph of the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Churi, ZTz"L

Photograph of the gaon Rabbi Chaim Churi, among the great rabbinical leaders of Tunis.

Rabbi Chaim Churi [1885 - 1957] was among the great rabbinical leaders of Tunisian Jewry of the 20th century. When he was only 18 years old, he was rabbinically ordained and appointed teacher and cantor in the Gabès community in southern Tunisia. He established the Torah V'Chaim yeshiva in Djerba, authored dozens of books, encourages the Jews of Tunisia to immigrate to the Land of Israel and even took various practical steps to support the Jews who immigrated to Israel. His grave, which is in the cemetery in Beer Sheva, is a major pilgrimage spot for those who wish to merit salvation, and many petitioners visit over the entire year, especially on the anniversary of his passing, it is a pilgrimage site for thousands of pilgrims.

14x9 cm. Except for a slight crack in the lower left corner, very fine condition.