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Lot 325

Collection of Handwritten Leaves, 20th Century

Four handwritten leaves from various locations - amulet, manuscript on parchment and notes.

* Lamnatzeiach Menorah with the text "Yehi ratzon...that the speech of our lips should be important and satisfying before You, as if we brought a sacrifice" [on parchment? fish skin?]. Illustrations in red, black, blue and gold ink. 40x9 cm.

* Sample of the script of a "Sofer Stam," ink on parchment with a verse taken from the Haazinu song, the letters of the aleph-beit in scribal print and the name of the scribe: "Hakatan Nachum Sofer Stam from the Amsterdam community." 19th century.

* "Prozbul" contract handwritten for Shlomo Michael Baishfan in the month of Elul, 1917.

* Writ affirming kashrut reliability issued by the Beit Din Tzedek of Johannesburg for the shu"b Rabbi Yaakov Shapira with the signatures of the rabbis of the Johannesburg Beit Din Tzedek.

Varying sizes and conditions. Overall fine condition.