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Lot 322

Yerushalmi Ketubah [1909]

Ketubah for the marriage of the bridegroom Tziyon Brill with the bride Leah, lithograph print by Avraham Moshe Luntz with filled-in text in stylized traditional oriental scribal writing.

Printed in gold, blue, red and green ink, writing in black ink. Characteristic verses on part of it, and two lions holding a star of David with a circle inside bearing the inscription: 'חותם כוללות ועד הספרדים בעה"ק ירושלם תוב"א' in Hebrew, French and Arabic. Two decorative columns with verses and illustrations on the right and left.

42x55 cm. Tears with lack in the upper part with damage in the image of the lion and the pictures, damp stains. Moderate condition.