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"Dachlil." Children's newspaper. The first original Hebrew comics. First issue

Dachlil, weekly newspaper for children [issued every Thursday], edited by Emanuel Olsvanger. Jerusalem, June 6, 1940. First issue. [4 issues were printed].

Dachlil was the second attempt in the 1940s to publish a children's newspaper for entertainment purposes. After the unsuccessful attempt to publish the Ach Sameach newspaper [only two issues were published], this newspaper was published in Jerusalem. Its goals were to "increase our society to a large society including all children in the country," as the editor wrote in his introduction.

Dachlil included illustrated jokes; cute dialogues between two "dachlilim" - scarecrows, Sha and Ga; illustrated serial story in the style of comics titled Masoat Gad V'Yossi and other adventure stores about Rut and Yoel the private investigators. In addition, it includes dialogue for the first time in the format of "speech balloons" next to the captions printed under the illustrations.

8 pages. 31 cm. Page folded into four [not cut]. Other than two light tears in the margins of the title page, the issue is in very fine condition.