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Haggadah for Times of Emergency, 1967 - First Edition, and Additional Emergency Haggadahs

1. Haggadah for Times of Emergency for the soldier involved in military operations, edited by the chief military rabbinate, Passover eve of the 19th year of the State of Israel 1967. The first edition of Haggadah for Times of Emergency published.

The haggadah opens with words of the chief rabbi of the IDF, Rabbi Shlomo Goren: "This abbreviated haggadah, published for the first time, was composed by us for our soldiers in emergency roles only. The intent is for soldiers found in ambushes on the night of Passover, those on patrol and border guards, who cannot make themselves available, due to their security roles, to do a regular Passover seder ..." There are various instructions for use of this haggadah ["Don't use this haggadah for regular Passover seders ... the four cups are to be drunk using grape juice without alcohol ... we omitted "U'Rechatz" from the order of the seder, relying on the ancient halachah for times of emergency, that "במחנה פטורים מרחיצת ידים..." ["In the camps they are exempt from washing their hands ..."] and more.]

2-3. Two Haggadah for Times of Emergency - 1969 [21st year of the State of Israel] and 1971 [23rd year of the State of Israel]

Stained bindings, fine condition.