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Tractate Baba Metzia, Vienna 1821. Not Listed in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book

Tractate Baba Metzia, with Rashi and Tosafot, Perush L'Mishnayot L'HaRambam, Hagahot Rabbi Yeshayahu Berlin, and Hagahot HaGR"A. Vienna, Schmidt press, 1821. Unknown edition.

Unknown tractate, not printed as part of Shas produced by Schmidt in Vienna 1806-1811. Only two tractates are known to be printed by Schmidt in this format: Tractate Brachot and Tractate Makkot, and now there is an additional tractate.

119 leaves. 33 cm. Neither recorded in the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book, nor in the National Library.

Fine condition. Minor blemish to title page and last page. Aging stains. Simple binding.