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Lechem Shamayim. The Yaave"tz's First Book. First Edition

Commentary on mishnayot, by Rabbi Yaakov Emden [the Yaave"tz], first part. Wandsbek, 1733.

[1], 118, 120-121, 31 cm. Lacking final page.

A large sketch of a model of the alter, with explanations, is on the other side of the title page. A compilation on the topic of the Holy Temple is on the final pages.

Lechem Shamayim is the Yaave"tz's first book, among dozens of works. It is well-known that the Yaave"tz established a printing press in his home in Altona, where he printed all his books. However, this book was printed before the author established his press.

Moderate-fine condition. Some professional restorations in the margins. New parchment binding.