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Lot 10

Large Collection of Cantorial Music. Approximately 60 Record Albums, CD's and Cassettes

Large collection of record albums, CD's and cassettes. From the great cantors. Including: Yossele Rosenblatt, Richard Tacker, Moshe Leibele Ehrblich, Moshe Kosvitzky, The Milevsky Family, Naftali Hershtik, Elimelech Ronen, Daniel Kaufman, David Ullman. Traditional Liturgy of Morocco-Buzaglo, El Eliyahu - the Bnei Israel Community - Bombay, Kingsburg Community Tradition - Days of Awe, The Musical Tradition of the Reform Community of Berlin, and more.

Description: [26] record albums. [7] cassettes. [26] CD's. Most in their original packaging.

Condition: Overall very fine, some are still closed. Intactness not examined.