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Handwritten Torah Novellae on Talmudic Topics. Ashkenaz, Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries. Not Printed

Thick volume containing Torah novellae on Talmudic tractates written by a Torah scholar of great stature. He mentions the Early and Later Authorities concerning various issues. Ashkenaz, early 19th century.

The first page contains indices organized by the names of the topics and relevant tractates, mentioning among others, Tractates Pesachim, Zevachim, Yevamot, Beitzah, and Chullin.

524 pages. Ink on paper. 18x24 cm. Cursive Ashkenazi script. The vast majority of the text is legible.

Fine condition. A few leaves are partly detached. Aging stains. Original worn cardboard binding.