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Letter by the Admor of Mishlenitz, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rubin

Personal letter handwritten, signed and stamped by the Admor of Mishlenitz, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rubin. Mishlenitz [c. 1920].

Letter sent to the Chassid Rabbi Elimelech Elazar [the Admor expands upon his description: "Exalted in Torah and fear of Heaven, precious spirit, pursuer of righteousness and lovingkindness, wise and humble"] in which the Admor requests assistance marrying off his daughter: "And I lack another three hundred dollars until I will be able to bless the conclusion, I still lack a tallit and a shtreimel, and almost all the bridal clothing, and I also lack travel expenses ..."

The Admor's signature appears in the margins of the letter, along with his stamp as a grandson of the author of Divrei Chaim of Sanz, and another stamp in a foreign language.

The Admor of Mishlenitz Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Rubin was born to his father Yitzchak Tuvia of Sanz, who was the Divrei Chaim's son-in-law. He was Rabbi Naftali Halberstam of Kishinev's son-in-law. After WWI, he settled in Mishlenitz and served there as Admor. His grandsons include Admors of Bobov and Visheve . [For more about him, refer to Encyclopedia L'Chassidut 3 1861-1862]. Letters written by him are especially rare.

[2] leaves, 23x14 cm. Entirely written in his handwriting with his signature. Fold marks, stains and tears in the bottom part of the leaf. Moderate condition.