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Early Letter by Theodor Herzl Regarding a Play he Wrote. Reichenau [Austria] 1890

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Early letter handwritten and signed by Theodor Herzl, to promote a play meant to be performed on stage. Reichenau [Lower Austria]. 29.06.1890.

Herzl details his intention to bring another play to theater, Der Schwanenhals, and writes the general content of the play and the intense labor he invested in this production, with implementation planned for a whole evening. Inter alia, Herzl tells of earlier plays he wrote, including a failed play taken off stage.

Although he studied and qualified as a doctor of law at the University of Vienna, including specialization, Herzl chose to leave the field of law after a short time to work as a journalist, author and playwright. His plays, which included comedy and satire, were brought to stage in a number of European cities including Berlin, Vienna and Prague. Some of his plays filled auditoriums and earned many accolades from critics and viewers. On the other hand, Herzl also dealt with failures and some theaters he turned to did not accept his plays, most notable among the refusals being the Burgtheater - the municipal theater of Vienna. The play discussed in this letter was apparently not performed on stage.

[1] leaf, paper. 20x12 cm.

Very fine condition.