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Shishah Sidrei Mishnah with the Vilna Gaon's Commentary. Vilna and Grodno, [1818].

Shishah Sidrei Mishnah with commentaries including the Chiddushei HaGaon of Vilna and Chiddushei Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchov. Vilna and Grodno, [1818].

This edition of the mishnah features the first printing of the GR"A's commentary on the six sedarim of the mishnah then known. With the addition of a number of elucidations by the GR"A, printed here for the first time. Refer to Winograd, Sifrei HaGR"A #183, for more information regarding the significance of this edition.

Includes the Biur HaGR"A on Mishnayot Arugah (chapter 3 of Tractate Kilaim) with supplements that had never been printed before. Chapter Adroginus (end of Tractate Bikkurim), per the GR"A's version. With the chart of "elu hen hakrovim" on Tractate Sanhedrin, within the Hagahot HaGR"A. Peirush HaGR"A on Seder Teharot was printed around the text of the Mishnah.

On Seder Kadshim [1] leaf, there is a sketch of the Beit HaMikdsah ... I drew and developed it ... Dov Ber ... Yosef Yozpa ... Cooper Stecher of Vilna.

Six volumes, 26 cm. Light blue paper. Complete set. Many signatures and owner notations of Rabbi Avraham son of Chaim Friedstein of Kalwaria and others.

All the volumes are in very fine condition, other than damp stains on the second section of Kadshim with the sketch of the Holy Temple. Five original, antiquated leather bindings in fine condition, with light blemishes. The binding of Seder Zeraim is worn.