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Never-Published Handwritten Torah Novellae by Rabbi Mordechai Yehudah Winkler, Author of Levush Mordechai

Torah Novellae on the topic d'trei vatrei v'hamitasef, never published.

Rabbi Mordechai Winkler, 1845-1932 was rabbi and rosh yeshivah in Mád, Hungary. He studied at the Pressburg yeshivah and was ordained by Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, author of Ktav Sofer. Author of the Levushei Mordechai responsa. One of the greatest authors of responsa in his generation, and Torah disseminator to thousands. The yeshivah he established in Mád in 1901 produced many Torah scholars and rabbis. His first father-in-law was Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, one of the leaders of the Edah Chareidit in Jerusalem.

[6] pages, 24x20 cm, ink on paper, Ashkenazic script.

Very fine condition. Straight lines, some tiny stains.