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Tehillim - Zemirot Yisrael. Furth [1804-1805]. Five Sections in Two Volumes, Including Pictures of Musical Instruments

Book of Psalms with German translation and elucidation by Yoel Brill, with commentaries by Rashi, Rabbeinu Ovadyah Seforno and the Tochachat Chaim commentary compiled from Rabbi Yosef Albo's Sefer HaIkrim.

The translation is in [Hebrew] block letters and the elucidation is in Rashi script. Each volume has two title pages. At the start of the set there are a few prefaces regarding the poem and the Psalms, with [3] picture plates featuring 30 copperplate engravings of the musical instruments used in the Holy Temple.

Two volumes. [2], 28 [3] picture plates]; 104; 79; 52; 40; [10], 88 leaves, about 20 cm. Very fine condition. Aging stains.