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Lot 76

Tikkun Sofrim. Chamishah Chumshei Torah and the Five Megillahs, with English Translation. London, 1887. Six Volumes.

Tikkun Sofrim with Vavei HaAmudim. Chamishah Chumshei Torah with the five scrolls, with an English translation by Leon Sussman and David Levy. London, [1887]. Six volumes. Rare set.

At the beginning of each volume, there are two title pages. The first one has a copperplate etching, with the signature of artist Solomon Folk. This is followed by an English title page. At the end of each volume, the Haftarot are printed with an English title page. The Chumash was printed as in another edition printed that year without the translation. Before us is the important edition with the English translation that was printed on facing pages, and with English comments that were printed across the page under the translation.

Complete set including a section containing the five scrolls with an illustrated title page, and also a partial title page added for each of the scrolls.

Rare Chumashim, especially the volume of the five scrolls. There is no complete copy in the National Library. Vinograd, London 116.

[A] Bereshit. [176, 28]. [B] Shemot. [149, 36]. [C] Vayikra. [103, 36]. [D] Bamidbar. [143, 22]. [E] Devarim. [127, 32] leaves. [F]: [The Five Scrolls]. [89] leaves. Volumes 1-4. 18 cm. Very fine condition. Volumes 5-6. 20 cm. Very fine condition except for the binding.