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HaTarnegol HaTarnegolet VeGinat HaYerek - Warsaw, 1923

HaTarnegol HaTarnegolet VeGinat HaYerek by BenTziyon Raskin, illustrations by Chaim Hanft. Published by Tarbut - Warsaw, 1923.

Hebrew children's book, illustrated. "Raskin dedicated his pen primarily to the most basic level, the youngest age. He wrote his tales for toddlers. BenTziyon attempted to tell his tales in a simple, short yet masterful way. He distanced himself from cheap sentimentality and counterfeit sweetness. The merit of Raskin's youth stood before him. He was one of the founders of the Poalei Tziyon party in Poland when he was young. He tried to include the foundation of work into his tales ..." [Quoted from T. Chaskinah, as appeared in Davar on 23/8/1931 on the one-year anniversary of Raskin's death].

Ben Tziyon Raskin was a Yiddish author and translator, he also used the pen name "Uncle Ben Tziyon." Teacher and revolutionary in Poalei Tziyon, he passed away prematurely in 1930 at 40 years old, by drowning in the sea off Tel Aviv.

Fold marks, slight tears in the margins of some of leaves. Stains. Fine condition.