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Lot 206

Interesting Letter from the Leader of the Generation, the Author of Chazon Ish, in which he Mentions "A Secret Issue." Bnei Brak, 1945?

In the letter, the author of Chazon Ish turns to the members of Poalei Agudat Yisrael about the possibility of a monetary loan for sending a delegation to the United States (apparently to fund raise for shemittah observers). He adds that his brother [Rabbi Meir Karelitz, rabbi of PA"Y] will also sign the loan document.

There is a line added at the end of the letter testifying to the Chazon Ish's multifaceted activity in support of shemittah observers all over the Land of Israel, as he writes:

"They won't mention the secret issue in the letter, only their agreement to the deliberation."

It was known that the Chazon Ish was very active promoting Shemittah observance per halachah, without relying on various dispensations, and he stood by the Chareidi settlements that observed shemittah according to halachah. However, here his extensive activity behind the scenes is also revealed.

[1] leaf, 21x25 cm. Entirely in his handwriting with his signature. Fine condition, Filing perforations. Minimal stains.