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Kavod Elokim. Ferrara, 1556. First Edition. Especially Nice Copy

Philosophical work by G-dly philosopher R' Yosef son of R' Shem Tov. At the press of Abraham Usque.

Work regarding Jewish philosophy, with reference to Aristotle. The author was a Spanish sage [1400-1460] who was close to the Spanish royal court. He debated with gentiles on philosophical subjects and was killed in sanctification of G-d's name. Title page within a magnificent border, at center of the title page and on the last leaf, there is large printer's device of Abraham Usque who printed in Ferrara for about five years. Refer to Diglei HaMadpisim HaIvriim, no. 22. At center of the device there is a large picture of an astrolabe with the text "Kiviti Hash-m Kivta Nafshi ..." and the letters AV, per the printer's name, and with verses surrounding the frame.

[32] leaves, 18 cm. Blank paper. Very fine condition, very few aging stains. New binding.