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Lot 121

Kol Yaakov - Lamentations and Elegies for Rabbi Yosef Kubo, Av Beit Din of Salonika. Salonika 1907

The elegy is comprised of seven stanzas, each starting with the word 'קול' and concluding with the word 'יעקב.' The identity of the writer is unknown. The body of the elegy hints to his given name, Menachem.

The gaon Rabbi Chanania Kubo, author of Shu"t Kochav Yaakov, was rabbi of Salonika from 1888 until his passing in 1907. He was a blood relative and son-in-law of the great rabbi Rabbi Rephael Asher Kubo, Av Beit Din of Salonika, author of Shu"t Shaar Asher. Rabbi Yaakov established the Beit Yosef yeshivah and the Etz Chaim institutions in Salonika and was very active on behalf of residents of the city. His name was glorified by Salonika residents not only as a Torah genius, but also as a merciful and compassionate father to all Jews of Salonika.

The degree of admiration in which he was held can be comprehended from this lengthy elegy full of words of praise and glory about his righteousness and activities.

There is a short elegy added at the end about the passing of the Rishon LeTziyon, Rabbi Yaakov Shaul Elyashar, the "Yisah Berachah."

[1] large leaf paper with a black border signifying mourning. 48x60 cm. Written on both sides. Oriental script. Fine condition. Aging stains. Placed in a designated cloth binding.