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Lot 243

Collection of [15] Books of Polemics on Various Topics over the Generations, 1828-1940

A brief list follows, for details refer to the Hebrew text.

Yeshuot Meshicho by the Abarbanel - both the Karlsruhe and the Königsberg editions.

Compilations printed in the United States:

Milchemet HaNigleh V'HaNistarMah Hem HaYehudimTeva HaTevunah; Polmus HaRabbanut B'America; Orthodoxie Oif Falshe Wegen

* One volume with 3 books:  Binyan Ohel Moed al Asarah Sugyot B'Shas  HaNilmadot  B'Shabbat ShuvahTzapichit B'Dvash (Rare Only Edition); Luchot Edut

* Another volume, with two books by R' Ya'akov Emden: Sefat Emet V'Leshon ZehoritSefer Hitavkut

Sefer HaEshkol

* Sefer Eshtadlot im ShaDa"L

Sha'agat Ze'ev

Overall fine condition, aging stains and faded leaves.