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Collection of 'HaSinim,' Hebrew and English Editions. London, Early 20th Century

HaSinim (The Chinese). The lifestyle of the Chinese and their customs, a look at their culture, government and trade in their country. There is an article by Shimon Meir Perlman at the end: 'HaYehudim BaSinim' ('Jews among the Chinese') - History of the Jews in China, Past and Present. 

* HaSinim, Hebrew edition. Two title pages, Hebrew and English. Printed by 'HaYehudi' Publishing House, London, [1911].

264 pages. [2] picture plates. 16 cm.

* Jews in China, English edition. Published by R. Mazin & Co. London, [1913].

[1] picture plate, [2], 95 pp. 19 cm.

Fine overall condition.