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"And Due to this there has been a Lack of Books and Gemaras ..." Three Tractates which were Printed at the Hieght of WWII, Mishkoltz, 1941. With the Approbation of the Admor of Satmar

"And due to this there has been a lack of holy books and gemaras ..."

Three tractates from the Babylonian Talmud: Pesachim, Kiddushin and Baba Metzia. Printed during the Second World War. On the reverse side of the title page of Baba Metzia, there is an approbation printed from Rabbi Yoelish Teitelbaum of Satmar including the words, "due to our many sins, Jewish cities have been destroyed and those who dealt in publishing books were deported, and printers of holy writings have been lost, may teh blessed G-d have mercy, and due to this, many books and gemaras are lacking." Shofar publishing.

30 cm.

Fine condition. Original bindings.