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Travelogue and Description of the Holy Land. Firenze, 1620. Illustrations

and Sketches. Tratto delle Piante & Immagini de Sacri Edifizi di Terra Santa Tratto delle Piante & Immagini de Sacri Edifizi di Terra Santa. By Amico Bernardino. Florence, 1620. [5] leaves, 65, [1] page, 47 illustrations and sketches, 28.5 cm. Italian. Missing p. 55-57 featuring maps of Jerusalem - map number 44, Laor 940; and map number 45, Laor 941. These pages have been supplied with a professional reproduction. Description of a journey to the Holy Land including sketches and engravings of blueprints of holy sites in Jerusalem, the Tomb of Rachel, Solomon’s Temple, views and building facades. By Jacques Callot following Amico Bernardino. Amico Bernardino was an Italian architect who resided in Jerusalem between 1593-1597. He included his sketches in this book. Magnificent, half-leather binding. Gold text on the spine. Thick, white quality paper. Wide margins. Light blemish to the title page margins that has been professionally restored. Minimal aging stains. Very fine condition. Very rare, prominent book.