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Torah Scroll Finials. Filigree. Holland, 19th Century

Pair of Torah Scroll finials. Silver, partially gold-plated, filigree. Hallmarked. Holland, 19th century. 35 cm. tall, 10 cm. diameter. Dutch duty mark on each finial. Rich, delicate filigree work with floral decorations. 3 tiered tower with six rounded ribs. Each rib of the second and third tier features a 'window'. Gold-plated bell in every window and the vertexes of the bottom tier. Topped with a crown and a gold-plated sphere. Smooth base with a gold-plated marble at its top. These finials were a popular version of the 19th century of Dutch finials shaped like towers that served synagogues in the Ashkenaizc and Portuguese community of Amsterdam. Refer to "Rimonim", Tel Aviv University, catalogue 1, p. 96. Entirely complete and in very fine condition.