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Lechem Shamayim - First Book by the Yave"tz. Wandsbek, 1733. Rare

Lechem Shamayim, commentary on mishnayot Zera'im and Moed, first part, by Rabbi Ya'akov Emden [the Yave"tz].

A large diagram of the alter, with explanations, is printed on the back of the title page. The compilation "Binyan Beit HaBechirah" is printed on the last leaves.

Lechem Shamayim is the Yave"tz's first book, one of dozens of books he authored. It is common knowledge that the Yave"tz established his own printing house in Altona, where he printed his books. However, the book before us was printed before the author established his own printing house.

Complete copy, with leaves of errata at the end. All the Yave"tz's books are highly sought after and uncommon. 

[1], 118, 120-122 leaves, 31 cm. Y. Raphael, "Kitvei Rabbi Ya'akov Emeden," in Areshet 3, no. 1. 

Moderate-fine condition. Professional restoration to the margins of the title page and the book's leaves, without damage to text. New parchment binding.