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Gebeth - Prayer for Maria Theresa's Recovery by the "Noda BiYehudah." Prague, 1767. Rare.

Prayer service for the recovery of Empress Maria Theresa, arranged by Rabbi Yechezkel Landau, rabbi of Prague, author of Noda BiYehudah. German.

"Gebeth, welches auf Anverlangen deren Aeltesten, und Gemeindeaeltesten der Prager Judenschaft|. von dem Ober-Rabiner Ezechiel Lande." 

Prayers service, chapters of Psalms, "mi sheberach" and the entire prayer service for the empress's recovery, and the thanksgiving prayer for after she recovered from her illness on June 17, 1767.

Maria Theresa's well-known treatment of the Jews in general, and the Jews of Prague in particular, who demonstrated loyalty to the royal house during the wars fought in her time, as well as the special treatment of the city's rabbi in the palace are perfectly expressed in the rare booklet before us. Item of historical significance.

In the book Mofet HaDor (printed in 1903), the author R' Yekutiel Kamlahar writes about the chain of events. He notes that there are only one or two copies in all of Prague, and he has obtained one of them, so he translated the booklet into his book word for word, so that it will be preserved for generations. The rarity of this booklet can been observed from his remarks; even in 1903 it was not to be found in Prague, where it was printed.

[13] pages, 19 cm. Fine condition. Stains. Tiny perforation in the title page without damage to text. Several perforations in the book's leaves, also without damage to text. New binding.