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The First Reform Siddur in Hebrew. Hamburg, 1819

'The order of the service for Shabbat and Jewish festivals' per the custom of the "Kahal Bayit Chadash" in Hamburg. Arranged by Jackel Frankel and Meir Breslau, among the first of the Reform. Hebrew and German.

"Ordnung der Oeffentlichen Andacht fur die Sabbath und Festtage des ganzen Jahres. Nach dem Gebrauche des Neuen Tempel Vereins in Hamburg."

This is the first Reform prayer book in Hebrew; most prayers were omitted or shortened, and a large number of them were printed in German only. Songs in German were also added. The "innovations" in the prayer book include: Complete elimination of the Kabbalat Shabbat prayers, omission of the request for construction of the Beit HaMikdash, reinstitution of the sacrifices and more. The prayer book was published by "Kahal Bayit Chadash" in Hamburg, to be used for prayers in the first Reform temple which was published that year in Hamburg. The prayer book was especially dedicated in honor of Israel Jacobson, who is considered the heralds of Reform.

This "altered" prayer book was at the center of a great controversy that broke out with its printing, and many copies of it were destroyed. The book Eleh Divrei HaBrit [Hamburg, 1819] was published opposing this prayer book and the establishment of the first Reform temple in Hamburg. (It is also listed in this catalog.)

X, 65-108-356, 20 cm. Hebrew title page, German title page and leaf preceding the title page. Printed from left to right. Fine condition. Aging stains. Original binding.