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Inauguration Service in Siena. Livorno, 1786. Rare.

Seder Zmirot V'Limud - detailed prayer service printed as a book in its own right on the occasion of construction of the synagogue in Siena, Italy. Arranged by the sages, our rabbi and teacher Yedidiah Levi and Rabbi Yitzchak Chaim di Madinah.

The book includes: chapters of psalms, various verses, a detailed service of the seven hakofot, a prayer which grants salvation to kings and heads of state, and many songs composed by members of the community, with their names noted. There are two introductions by community rabbis at the beginning of the book, which include important historical details about the synagogue construction and those who assisted in its construction.

The inauguration ceremony lasted about five days, from Thursday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan 1786, though Friday and Shabbat, with the central event on Saturday night, continuing through Tuesday evening. The synagogue stands to this day. 

88 pp., 21 cm. Each page is surrounded by a decorative border. Fine condition. Aging stains. Not bound.