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Mevin Chidot. Amsterdam, 1765. Book Suspected of Literary Plagiarism

Heaven forfend ... how was it pleasing to his heart to fabricate a lie from his heart ... I hereby accept upon myself excommunication if I ever saw his manuscript ... which according to his words above, he gave me his composition to read."

Mevin Chidot is a commentary on the mesorah by Rabbi Yosef son of David of Heilbronn. First edition.

Extensive commentary on the mesorah on chamishah chumshei Torah, with an introduction about the mesorah. Ashkenazic and Sephardic rabbis of Amsterdam gave approbations for this book.

Rabbi Asher Anshel Wirmash printed a book called Syag LaTorah in 1366 [one year after the book before us] and in his introduction there, he writes that the manuscript of his composition was in the possession of Rabbi Yosef ben David, so that he would read it, but he copied it and printed it, and claimed it as his own. Rabbi Yosef ben David did not dip his hand in the plate, and published two sharp leaflets, in which he swears that he never saw the book's manuscript. (Refer to Rosenthal, Yodea Sefer pp. 179).

[11] 93, 20 cm. Bookplate. Signatures.

Fine condition. Aging stains. Simple binding.