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Mikrah Meforash. Amsterdam, 1749. Only Edition with the Author's Signature

Torah ... in the Ashkenazic language ... to provide answers and the student's ears are attentive to his rabbi's questions. Oif Teitch ... Di Torah recht P"R Stein ... Gleik ein rabbi der da far hert ein kind, by Rabbi Zussmann Roedelsom. Only edition.

The entire book is in Yiddish, except for one introduction. Unique book to teach and refine students, built of Yiddish questions and answers. 

On the title page: First section. However, no more sections were printed. 

The author Rabbi Eliezer Zussmann Roedelsom, also called Roedelsheim, was one of the sages of Holland; he also authored the grammar book Maher Yisrael [Amsterdam 1741]. The author's handwritten signature is at the end of the introduction. 

[2], 131 leaves, 23 cm. Uncommon book.

Fine condition. Simple binding. Aging stains. Reinforcements in leaf 1 with damage to individual letters. Restoration in the white margins of the last leaf.