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Set of [5] Machzors. London, 1836. Rare Edition

Set of machzors for the entire year, per the custom in Poland, translated into English by David Levi. Printed by David B"K Sender, printer and bookseller. Five parts (of six). English translation on facing pages.

At the beginning of the first volume, there is a portrait picture of Rabbi Shlomo Herschel, Av Beit Din of London. In the rest of the volumes before the title page, there is an illustrated title page from the machzor from 1807 [Niflaot, 1807] with the images of Moshe and Aharon and pictures related to the annual festival featured in each machzor. All parts have double title pages: Hebrew and English.

The edition before us is identical to the 1807 edition, although "An entire new edition" is written on the title page. The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book (entry no. 000184523) notes that only the title pages are new. It also indicates there that they saw only one part of the set in the British Library - the sixth part, for the Shavuot festival. The National Library's collection also only contains the part for Shavuot (which is the one missing from the set before us).

Part I: Rosh HaShanah. [3], 214 leaves.

Part II: Yom Kippur [Aravit and Shacharit]. [3], 208 leaves.

Part III: Yom Kippur [Mussaf, Minchah and Ne'ilah]. [3], 208 leaves.

Part IV: Sukkot. [2], 193 leaves.

Part V: Pesach. [3], 222 leaves.

23 cm. Very fine condition. The volumes are wrapped in plastic wrapping paper for protection, and have not been checked without the wrapping.