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Interesting halachic response by Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald of Satmar.

Lengthy halachic response by Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald, rabbi of Satmar. [1900-1910?].
[3] pages. Paper. 30x23 cm. The opening lines, conclusion and signature are in his hand. 
Halachic response regarding permission to install a ventilation system in a synagogue. He testifies that though we generally "avoid novelties," it is necessary to consider this possibility because of the great need. The response is printed in his Shu"t Zichron Yehuda, siman 65. He does not mention who sent him the question. In this manuscript, he writes that the questioner was the Rabbi of Košice.
Rabbi Yehuda Greenwald of Satmar was born in 1845 and studied under the Ketav Sofer. He was a prominent Hungarian rabbi and Torah disseminator in his generation. He was the noted rabbi of Satmar for 22 years and established a yeshiva in the city that had thousands of disciples. He authored Shu"t Zichron Yehuda, Shevet M'Yehuda on the Torah and more.
Fold marks. Stains. Very fine condition.