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Seder Techinot.' Illustrated title page. Czechoslovakia [1809].

Seder Techinot from Rosh Chodesh Elul through after Hoshanah Rabbah, handwritten by Aharon Ber Segal Levitan. Koloděje, Czechoslovakia near Prague. [1809?].
[9] leaves. 24x19 cm. Ashkenazic hand. Illustrated title page. Techinot in Yiddish. Titles in large letters and verses in large, punctuated letters.
The title page notes [in Hebrew]: "written for the modest, prominent woman Esterel the wife of... Yoel Segal... Sunday... 3 Elul 1809?, with the writer's name, Aharon Ber Segal the community shochet. Includes a colophon: מזכיר צו זיין אהרן בער סגל לעוויטאן שוחט דק"ק קאלאדייא יע"א.
Interesting handwritten work with all the details, the name of the one who wrote the work and the one who ordered it, place and date.
Not bound. Light tears with blemishes to the text. Stains. Fine condition.