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"Chumash Me'or Einayim." Rodelheim, 1818-1821. Complete set

Chumash Me'or Einayim, with the Ein HaKoreh and Ein HaSofer by Wolf Heidenheim. Rodelheim, published and printed by the author, 1818-1821. Five volumes.
Genesis. 1818. XII pages, [1], 87; 24, 4; 54.
Exodus. 1818. [1], 81; 28; 78.
Leviticus. 1819. [1], 56; [1 blank] 24; 80.
Numbers. 1820. [1], 73; 16; 50.
Deuteronomy. 1821. [1], 71; 18; 52 leaves. 17 cm.
Precisely correct chumash, beautifully arranged, edited and printed by Wolf Heidenheim. The chumash, with nikkud and te'amim, is printed at center of the page. Ein HaSofer is printed on the side and Ein HaKoreh is printed on the bottom. Important introduction by Rabbi Wolf Heidenheim. Includes his many comments and supplements in all the volumes regarding grammar and the mesorah. Exodus features a comprehensive essay regarding ta'am elyon and ta'am tachton on the verses of the Ten Commandments. Each chumash has haftarot with grammatical comments with a separate title page for the haftarot. The Shabbat prayers appear at the end of each chumash, with many hymns recited according to the Ashkenazic customs, as researched by Rabbi Wolf Heidenheim. As the Chatam Sofer wrote (ch"m, teshuvah 89), "If not for him, these hymns would have been forgotten and not recited."
Original, rubbed leather bindings with gilt embossing. A few detached leaves in Genesis. Fine condition. Vinograd-Rosenfeld entry 60335.