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Lot 7

Ledger of books in the library of Nachum Sokolov. In his hand. C. 1880

Alphabetical ledger of the books in the library of Nachum Sokolov, written by him. A list of books in Hebrew and foreign languages. C. 1880.
38 written pages, plus many additional blank leaves. About 400 items are listed. The binding bears the Hebrew title, in his hand: "Book list." The endpaper bears the note: "Arranged c. 1880." Sokolov was twenty years old at the time. 
In his youth, Sokolov invested much energy studying Torah and was known as an iluy, genius. However, he was drawn to general literature. His split interests are highlighted in his library, which contained many Torah-related works such as the Tanach, commentaries, Talmud, Rif, Shulchan Aruch, and works of the Acharonim like the Chayei Adam, Chavat Daat, and Avodat HaKodesh of the Chida. At the same time, however, his library also contained works by prominent maskilim. 
Original, loose binding. Fine condition.