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"Shomer Emunim." Glosses by the author, Admor Aharon Roth

Shomer Emunim. "The content of the work is intended to strengthen hearts for faith, redemption, belief, and happiness in Divine providence." [By Rabbi Aharon Roth]. Jerusalem, [1942]. First edition. Corrections in the author's hand.
16 cm. First edition of this noted work by Rabbi Aharon Roth, founder of the Shomrei Emunim chassidut. He printed this work anonymously. The book was printed as separate booklets, over an extended period of time, the reason for the many paginations and different types of paper. Two title pages for the Shomer Emunim sections and one for the Ahavat HaBorei section.
Unique copy: Author's notation on the endpaper [apparently, the start of a dedication], and 15 corrections in his hand in the book itself. 
Original, embossed leather binding - scuffed. Light aging stains. The last booklet is loose. Fine-very fine condition.