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Mishlei Shualim - Two Rare Editions of the Book. Berlin, 1921 and Tel Aviv 1946

* Mishlei Shualmim by Rabbi Berechiah son of Natronai HaNakdan, first and rare edition of the Berlin printing press which was printed in only 750 copies, with the woodcut illustrations of Aryeh ben Michael. Berlin, 1921. Published by Erich Reiss Verlag. Dozens of woodcuts according to the topic of the parables. [2] 120 XXI leaves. An additional title page with a foreword in German. Aging stains, fine condition.

* Mishlei Shualim by Rabbi Berechiah HaNakdan, published by Schocken, Tel Aviv, 1946. A special edition which was published by A. M. Haberman, revised according to the first edition and four manuscripts and expanded with several parables which were published for the first time in this edition.

In the book are also nineteen pictures from the paintings of Gustav Dore to the Fables of La Fontaine. [2], XIII, 135 pages. 25 cm. 

Aging stains, fine condition.