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Pesach Haggada. Warsaw, 1833

Pesach Haggada with the commentary "L'Pesach Leil Shimurim" [by Rabbi Yonah son of Rabbi Shmuel Zalman Baranetzki].

86 pages. 21 cm. On the title page: 1882. Censor: 1883. The author remained anonymous. With the Nachalat Avot commentary on part of Echad Mi Yode'a by the author's father. In the author's introduction he writes that he wrote the commentary to express his thanks to G-d after he was very ill in 1840 and miraculously recovered. The commentary was lost, and some of it appeared in others' books. He wrote it again in 1857, but only published it now in memory of his son Pesach Shimshon, who died with no descendants in 1868.  

Otzar HaHaggadot 1617. Uncommon Haggada. Original velvet cover. A few stains. Fine condition.