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Lot 150

The Book of Yonah in the Printing Press of Justinus Brandi. Leipzig, 1683, Extremely Rare

The Book of Yonah, with Targum Yonatan, the commentaries of Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Radak and Abarbanel, and with Mesorah Ketana and Gedolah, with a short Hebrew-Latin dictionary. 

Specifications: 83 [20] pages, 15 cm. Complete. 

Unique Features: Extremely rare, comments in ancient handwriting. 

Content: The book has an extra title page in Latin with an additional title page: The Book of Yonah. Jonas illustratus...   cura atque studio Frid. Alb. Christiani, Judaei Conversi. With a poem in Hebrew from the 'transcriber' to the educated young men who assisted with this work. F.A.C. the apostate Christiani. With the names of the young men who helped, in Latin. Followed by the short dictionary. 

Condition: Very fine. A few aging stains. Magnificent leather binding.