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Lot 326

"Drushim V'Teamim" on the weekly Torah readings. Persia, 18th century. Bound in a parchment binding from the 16th century

Drushim V'Teamim on the weekly Torah readings, Shabbat and holidays and other issues.

Specifications: [41] leaves, blue paper. 21x17 cm. Persian writing. 

Unique features: At the top of the manuscript: מאמר כמוה"ר מ' יוסף נלילו. שם שמואל. Includes a compilation from the Shem Shmuel of Shmuel ben Moshe (printed twice in 1699) and other sermons.
Starting on leaf 26b, after the sermons on the Torah: sermons for Shabbat and holidays, including sermons on the Ethics of the Fathers that wern't printed in the Shem Shmuel. On leaf 28a: "Inyana d'Pesach Mamar kh"r mor M' Yosef..." Other copies of Shem Shmuel or compilations from it can be found in a small number of manuscripts that were written in Persia, Afghanistan and their environs.
The binding is made from parchment of a Torah Scroll on red-brown leather from the 16th century.

Condition: Fine, wear to the binding, spine partially detached, a number of detached leaves. Minimal aging stains.