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Lot 223

"Yakar HaErech". Salonika, 1823. Self-Dedication. First edition

Novellae on tractate Archin by Rabbi Yitzchak Ardit and his son Rabbi Shlomo Ardit. 

Specifications: [2], 150, 85 leaves. 29 cm. First edition. 

Background: The author was one of the great Rabbis of Izmir, he was both a Torah scholar and a wealthy man.  He immigrated to Israel and remained there for a short while before returning to his native city of Izmir, where he died in 1812, at the young age of 54. He did not complete his work, and only reached page 21 in the pages of the tractate. The rest was completed by his son who called his novellae 'Pachot She'b'Archin'. At the end is a booklet called 'Shem Shlomo' from the author's son with novellae and sermons by him and sermons by the author.

Unique Features: On the book's title page is an ownership stamp: It was sent to me as a gift by the author's son, the young one Chai Avraham HaLevi - one of the sages of Izmir, the son of Rabbi Mirkado Sa'adya HaLevi author of the book Neveh Tzedek (Salonika, 1841), where some of his novellae and sermons were published (Encyclopedia L'Chachma Turkia page 205).

Condition: Very fine, apart from a few very tiny worming holes at the beginning of the book. Aging stains. Old binding with a scuffed spine.