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"Shem Chadash". Jerusalem, 1848. First edition, inscribed by the author's son

Commentaries and novellae on Sefer Yireim of Rabbi Eliezer of Metz by Rabbi Chaim Daniel Shlomo Pinso.

Specifications: [4], 126 [should say: 124] leaves. 29 cm. Sh. Halevi, Sifrei Yerushalayim HaRishon, 15.

Content: Only section one (Amud HaYirah and Amud HaZemanim). A second section was printed at the same time but is not included here.

Unique features: The title page bears an inscription by the author's son, Rabbi Rachami Yisrael Pinso to Rabbi Yaakov Meir Lehren - leader of the Amsterdam community for over thirty years and owner of a prominent personal library. He was a brother of Rabbis Zvi Hirsh and Akiva Lehren.

Condition: Very fine.