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Lot 65

"Goren Ha'atad". Warsaw, 1837

Great eulogy upon the death of the rabbi, Rabbi Yechiel Michel Ettinger, leader of the Warsaw community, by his relative, Rabbi Shmuel  Yosef HaLevi Landau, Av Beit Din Kempen, author of Kur HaBechina, son of Rabbi Yisrael Yonah HaLevi Landau, author of Meon HaBerachot.

Specifications: 16 leaves. 22 cm. Two title pages.

Unique features: Very rare.

Background: The deceased, Rabbi Yechiel Michel Ettinger, merited to be both a proficient Torah scholar and very wealthy. The author died at a young age, just 37 years old, right after this work was printed, on the 13th of Kislev, 1837. Refer to this work, leaf 5b and Nachlat Olamim (Warsaw, 1882), p. 17.

Condition: Fine. The first leaves are loose. Simple binding.