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Lot 219

"L'Maan Achai V'Rayei". Riga, 1936 With a Touching Letter in the Author's Handwriting

Fervent sermons and articles [in Yiddish] to bring the hearts of the Jewish people close to their Father in Heaven, by Rabbi Avraham David Lifshitz, Av Beit Din of Bychów.

Specifications: [2], 16 pages. 19 cm.

Background: The author's sermons were printed in a complete book and were also printed booklet by booklet.  This is one booklet out of the collection of his sermons.

Unique Features: Binding cover with an approbation from Rabbi Menachem Mendel Zak, Rabbi of Riga. 

Enclosed with the book is a letter which the author attached, in which he writes, 'I was a Rabbi in Russia in the city of Bychów...due to the many persecutions and the great poverty I became ill with heart disease and I now live here...".

Condition: Very fine.