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A Letter Requesting Support Sent to the Congregation of Modena, Italy. Safed, 1728

A request for support in light of the great financial and security hardships in Safed, given to the emissary, the complete sage the excellent Dayan, Rafael Yisrael Kimchi.

Specifications: [1] double paper leaf, 21x33 cm. 

Content: A detailed description of the suffering of the Jews of Safed: "Who are struggling in poverty, in evil and in thirst and have nothing...and they have no savior...and they cry out not knowing what to do and from where their salvation will arrive...and we do not know what to do when evil people arise...and their swords feast on flesh, as they have no masters and there are no brave soldiers to help...".

Unique Features: The letter is signed by Rabbi Moshe ben Rafael Mordechai Malchi, Rabbi Daniel Kapasto, Rabbi Yaakov Ninu, Rabbi Rafael Michael Melamed, Rabbi Yekutiel Ashkenazi, Rabbi Yaakov Vilna (Elyashar) - the grandfather of the "Yisa Bracha".

Background: Rabbi Moshe Malchi was the brother of Rabbi Ezra Malchi, Rabbi of Rhodes. Rabbi Chaim Ben Atar referred to him as "Beloved of my soul, the great Rabbi".

Rabbi Daniel Kapasto immigrated from Italy to Safed in 1715, gave an approbation to the book "Hon Ashir" by Rabbi Emmanuel Chai Riki. Rabbi Daniel was a rich man when he arrived in Israel and was appointed as the parnas of the congregation. Over time, he lost all of his money until he was forced to ask for assistance from others. 

Condition: Fine-very fine. Folding marks, aging stains.