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Sefer Imarot Tehorot. "The Holy Speech", New York, 1898

A book which contains a collection of talks, sermons, laws and customs related to Judaism. Yiddish and English. 

Specifications: 203, 123 pages. 12x17 cm. contains two parts, one in Yiddish and one in English. Right-hand title page in Yiddish, left-hand title page for English. Contains 10 illustrations from the cycle of life, the realms of halacha, Jewish festivals and great Rabbis.

Unique Features: A book which encompasses many areas of the cycle of Jewish life, festivals, famous Jewish figures and events in Jewish history, wording of contracts on halachic topics, a chart of the beginning of the months for the years 1900-1930, and more.

Condition: Fine. A number of leaves are detached. Original, loose, binding.