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"Yisomei Ukraina B'Kiryat Sefer Eretz Yisrael." Cairo, 1921

Yisomei Ukraina B'Kiryat Sefer, Eretz Yisrael. "HaMeir" publishing. Cairo [Egypt] [1921]. Hebrew and English.

Booklet with pictures of the teachers and students in the "Kiryat Sefer" agricultural school established by Yisrael Belkind, educator and founder of the Bil"u movement.

About 20 black and white photos with Hebrew and English captions. Including: portrait of Yisrael Belkind, orphans with their teachers in Kiryat Sefer, during prayer, lecture under the shade of the trees, the way to school, working in the kitchen, working in the vegetable garden, ship built by one of the orphans, and more. All the photos, other than two, were taken by one of the students in "Kiryat Sefer"; a Kishnev orphan, photographer, Dovid Nesher.

In 1901, Belkind received permission from the Zionist Congress to establish the Kiryat Sefer Agricultural School in Palestine. In 1903, in the aftermath of the Kishnev Pogrom, he brought a group of orphans to the country - children whose parents were killed in the riots -  to educate them at his school. The school was closed about three years later. In the 1920s, Belkind tried restarting his activites and brought a group of children orphaned in the Ukrainian pogroms to an educational facility he established in Chadera and then Safed. This institution did not either last too long, since Belkind refused to allow the bodies that funded the school to be involved in its activities and they terminated their support.

[14] leaves, 15x24 cm. Tears in the right margins of the binding. Fine condition.